Mark Wright’s Slated One Of Michelle Keegan’s Looks

It’s safe to say that Mark Wright knows Michelle Keegan is a TOTAL babe.

We mean, here’s the evidence… 1) She clearly is. 2) He’s stated this many, many times. 3) They’re married, obvs.

But even a man as loved-up as Mark can sometimes find his wife a little less attractive than usual. In particular, when she’s rocking a certain hairstyle. Oo-er.

Michelle Keegan and Katie Fearnehough Mark Wright shared this montage of Michelle Jeegan and her cousin


Mark, 29, revealed his true feelings about one of Mich’s looks when he shared an Instagram shot of the 28-year-old rocking a tousled hun yesterday.

If you’re not sure exactly what a hun is, it’s the half-bun-half-down look that’s taken off big time in the last couple of years.

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Michelle Keegan Michelle Keegan usually opts for sleek ‘dos


Mark had Photoshopped the snap of Michelle next to one of her cousin Katie Fearnehough, captioning it: ‘Slated the wifey for this hairstyle, 2 weeks later even her cousin copied it !! [sic].

‘#trendsetter #number1fan #doppelganger @katiefearnehoughx haha.’ Lolz. Looks like you’re eating your words, Mark.

But fans couldn’t help commenting on one slight innaccuracy in his post – his use of the word ‘trendsetter’.

Zoella and Khloe Kardashian with hun hairstyles Zoella and Khloe Kardashian have both sported huns


Obviously, Michelle looked ah-mazing with her hun. However, she’s certainly not the first person to try one out.

One follower wrote: ‘This hairstyles been around for ages,’ while another said: ‘Michelle looks beautiful as always but @zoella has been sporting this hair do for ages!’

So have we, TBH. And for the record Mich, we love it.

Mark Wright Mark Wright didn’t look particularly happy yesterday morning…


We reckon one of the reasons Mark was busy poring over photos of his wife is because she’s currently away from home.

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As he posted a moody selfie en route to work yesterday, Mich was sharing images of herself sunning herself in a stunning poolside villa.

Michelle Keegan Michelle Keegan is working in a stunning exotic location


She’d written alongside a photo taken by a luxurious swimming pool: ‘My annual ‘I’m here working in the sun’ pose. #luckygirl.’

Is it still freezing where you are? Us too. *Sigh*…