Michelle Keegan On The Perks Of Having Blonde Hair

The former Corrie actress opens up about her new hair, what Mark *really* thinks of it, and her secret shyness...

Last night, we spent the night partying with Michelle Keegan for Revlon’s #ChooseLove masquerade ball at London’s V&A. And whilst we were getting ready, we grabbed the newly blonde beauty for a natter about her new hair, hubby Mark Wright and her secret shyness… Aw!

Over to you, Mich!

Hi Mich! We’re so excited to party with you tonight. What’s the best night out you’ve been on recently? 

‘It was probably a few weeks ago – I went to Wireless and it was the first time I went out with blonde hair. My friend who lives in Oman had just got engaged, and she flew over and we just went on a random night out, her and her fiancé, me and Mark and we had the best night. We had a right laugh.’

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Michelle Keegan blonde hair

Michelle said even she’s still getting used to her new hue…

Okay, so we need to talk about the hair! You always said you would never go blonde – what changed your mind?

‘I was never going to go blonde! But it’s for a job. I think people genuinely believe that I woke up one morning and thought, “Alright I’ve got really dark hair, I know what I’ll do – I’ll bleach it!” No, I didn’t. It was a long thought process but I’m glad I’ve done it because I’ve never ever gone blonde. It’s very different for me and don’t get me wrong it’s not here forever but while it is here, it’s fun.’

It looks great! Does it feel different being blonde?

‘Even now, I don’t recognize myself in the mirror. People don’t recognize me as much either which is actually quite nice. I get quite shy so it’s been the first time that I’ve been able to go shopping with my mum and walk around with my head up all day!’

Michelle Keegan blonde hair

The LOOK girls catching up with Michelle before the party…

What does Mark think of it?

‘Mark actually really likes it. I was nervous at first because he likes me being brunette and as I was getting it done he walked into the salon and I saw his trainers in the reflection of the mirror and thought, “Oh god he’s coming”, and he came over, put his hand over his mouth and said, “I don’t want to say it because I love you brunette, but you actually look really nice blonde”. And I was like, “aaaah no way!” So that was really nice.’

How did you pick your dress for tonight? Stylist? Friends? Mark? 

‘My friend Nadine Marabe is a Manchester based designer, and obviously because I’ve been working in Manchester I’ve had no time to go shopping so straight away it goes to my head: “Nadine’s around the corner!”‘

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Michelle Keegan at Revlon's Choose Love Masquerade Ball

Michelle Keegan at Revlon’s Choose Love Masquerade Ball

Do you have a long pre-night out prep? Are there things you do in advance to get party ready?

‘Before a big event I normally do something the night before with my skin, whether it’s a peel or an overnight mask to moisturize my skin.’

And what about must-have products – what’s in your clutch bag for tonight?

‘At the minute I’ve got Revlon HD Matte lipstick and it lasts aaaall night. I’ve got the nude shade Seduction in my bag for tonight’

What was your worst make-up mistake growing up?

‘Overplucking my eyebrows. I think that’s what any girl growing up in the ’90s would say. It was all about thin eyebrows and I definitely over plucked. Mine never grew back unfortunately, so now I have to draw them on every single day.’

What’s the best trick you’ve learnt from your make-up artist?

‘When I’m on holiday I always put Vaseline on my eyelashes so it looks like I’m wearing mascara. Oh, and lip liner – I like to over line my lips just a tiny bit to make them look a little bit plumper.’

If you were to pick your own Taylor Swift girl squad who would you want in yours?

‘Well, I’ve got a pretty cool girl squad of my own, so I’d say my girls already!’

What are your go-to skincare products?

‘I love Kiehls. Origins products are also really good for my skin because it can be quite sensitive, and obviously Simple wipes – easy!’