See Michelle Keegan’s Amazing Beauty Evolution

She first graced our television screens as Coronation Street’s Tina McIntyre back in 2008, and has since blossomed into a British beauty icon.

We adore Mich’s chilled, girl-next door, humble attitude and her gorgeous personality matches her chic style to a T.

And it seems it’s not only us who have a massive girl crush on Michelle, as she was awarded Sexiest Woman FIVE years in a row at the British Soap awards and then won FHM’s Sexist Woman in The World in 2015 – that’s an impressive track record!

We’re always on red alert for the opportunity to see one of Ms Keegan’s red carpet makeup looks… Did someone say #beautygoals? Similarly, she never fails to look stunning off-duty.

But whilst we’ve always loved her beauty looks, the actress has changed a significant amount since she first stepped into the limelight.

Let’s celebrate our Keegs with a look back at Michelle Keegan’s beauty evolution over the years…


Throw it back to 2008, young Mich donned a deep tan and slim, boxy brows.

We love her summery orange lipstick, but her eyes looked a tad heavy under all those lashes!

Despite that, her tumbling, thick locks were absolutely luscious – we definitely have hair envy!


Michelle’s long, sleek hair and tanned skin reminds us of Princess Jasmine!

Saying that, we still spy some over-dramatic lashes.


In 2012, Michelle finally ditched the lashes and was out ultimate smoky eye icon.

We love this navy blue makeup look – she works the smouldering eye SO well. 



Keegs inspired our summer makeup goals in 2013. A dark tan paired with a nearly bare face makeup is the ultimate carefree, natural beauty look.



She was the highlight QUEEN in 2014. Before chroming and strobing came along, Ms K was at it!



We love her gorgeous bouncy hair and sophisticated, low key makeup from 2015. Definitely worthy of World’s Sexiest Woman!



Now, in 2016, Michelle is (in our opinion), at her most gorgeous. We adore her sophisticated up-dos and graduated, thicker brows – they make her look super classy and drop dead gorgeous!

By Catherine Delves