Wonder Product Micellar Water To Be Used In Haircare? Yes!

This is *very* exciting news...

Can you remember a time before micellar water? Discovery of the wonder product has changed the way we cleanse and look after our skin. So imagine the excitement when we heard it could be used to sort out hair, too!

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We first spotted micellar backstage at shows during fashion week many years ago. Every make-up artist would come arrive with a giant bottle of Bioderma. It was like MUA law. Soon after other beauty brands got involved. Simple, Garnier, La Roche-Posay and more started bringing out their own versions of the clear cleansing fluid.

Micellar water for the hair will help remove build-up and grime

The brilliance of micellar water is all in the technology. Teeny micells attract grime and dirt like magnets which is how micellar water works so well. Splash some on a cotton wool pad and sweep away make up and dirt in one go. Hence why we fell head over heels in love. It was the lazy girl’s dream product!

micellar water hair

Now the clever tech is being used in haircare. DevaCurl have included micells in brand new Buildup Buster, a gentle deep cleansing serum for your head!

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The idea behind Buildup Buster is that it will replace your usual clarifying shampoo. It doesn’t strip the hair like many shampoos because it’s super gentle. The micellar water does its clever drawing trick with dirt and grime, pulling it away from the scalp. Lovely nourishing oils like jojoba put moisture BACK into the follicles, helping to boost shine and rebuild texture.

After using the serum DevaCurl promise you will “get your bounce back.”

Shiny, bouncier, better hair? Now, that’s something we can get behind.