Metallic Liquid Lipsticks: LOOK’s Top 7

So, so pretty!

The newest lip trend to be taking the beauty world by storm is metallic lips.

Kylie Jenner lead the trend into the limelight with the release of her Metals Lip Kit shades, making metallic lipsticks officially mainstream…. Just when we thought we’d seen every lip trick in the book, this completely unique but totally beautiful look has proved it’s made it’s mark and is here to stay.

Since, brands have been releasing metallic lip colours left, right and center – and we couldn’t be happier about it.

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Although the style is a little more statement than most on the scene, there’s no denying it’s insanely fun to see something so different and we’re kind of excited to switch up our style, especially with the new season coming in.

The metallic texture gives your lips the ultimate highlighed filter, making them catch the light in all the right places and look fuller and plumper with zero extra effort on your part.

Despite the precious appearance of the lipsticks, the price range is suitable for every budget, meaning there’s no need to invest your precious pennies if you aren’t too sure.

Whether you’re crushing over low key foiled lips or are living for the statement look, there is the metallic liquid lipstick for you…

By Catherine Delves