How You Smell On A First Date Is More Important Than Anything Else

What’s the most important part of getting ready for a first date? While most women might think it’s getting their make-up just right, their choice of hairstyle or the nail colour they choose, they’d be wrong. And it’s got nothing to do with your wardrobe or having a list of super interesting questions and hilarious anecdotes to share, either. 

According to a new survey, in a first date scenario men are more than twice as likely to remember how a woman smells and the softness of her skin, than even her name! Yes, it’s all quite shocking.

The survey, carried out by American beauty brand Caress, looked at the relationship between the brain’s thought process and verbal plus non-verbal cues. How a person reacts to conversation for example, compared with things like body language, scent and touch. And the results shocked everyone.

The intention of the survey was initially to discover whether online dating, where you’re not in each other’s physical presence, was of any advantage or disadvantage compared with the traditional kind. But it soon emerged that six out every 10 men were initially drawn to their current partner based on how they smelled when they first met, and the feeling of their touch.

“The best way to leave a lasting impression is when you look beyond someone’s physical attributes and break that contact barrier,” explains body language expert Tonya Reiman. “Most people don’t realise that smell is the oldest sense, and touch is the sense we can’t live without. When you combine the two, they are intoxicating!”

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By Amy Lewis