Megan McKenna Hits Back At Criticism Over Her Tanning Oil

Megan McKenna has reassured fans that she’s staying safe while holidaying in Florida.

The TOWIE star had been criticised for her apparent lack of sun protection after taking a selfie of herself sunbathing by the pool earlier this week.

Megan was clutching a bottle of factor 4 tanning oil in the image, which she’d captioned: ‘Happy Sunday.’

It was this photo of Megan McKenna which caused controversy


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One follower wrote: ‘Factor 4 holy s*** be careful you don’t burn them lovely tanned legs.’

Skincare experts had also warned Megan about using such a low factor in extreme heat.

Megan McKenna has been sunning herself over the pond


Seena Seka – Chief Chemist at Calypso sun care – told OK! Online: ‘The main difference between tanning oil and sun cream is the texture of the product.

‘Tanning oils are generally safe to use so long as there is enough sun filter ingredients within the product to protect consumers from harmful UVA and UVB rays. This can be seen by the SPF factor as well as the UVA symbol on pack.

‘There are very few situations, though, where you should be wearing a sun care product with an SPF of 4. The levels of protection are too low to ensure a reasonable level of UVA and UVB protection.


‘Generally, we always recommend SPF15 or higher to ensure you’re protected in the sun, regular reapplications and staying out the sun completely during peak times.’

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But Megan’s now hit back on Snapchat, insisting that the oil isn’t the only product she’s been using.

Megan McKenna has hit back on Snapchat


In a candid video, she said: ‘So apparently skin experts and people are complaining about the fact I’m using factor 4 out here, but I do actually use a factor 30 too so chill your beans, babes.

‘It’s all sweet. I’m safe. Safe sun.’

We’re glad to hear it, lady. For more information on keeping safe in the sun, visit the NHS website.