Meet The Skin Refinisher That’ll Change Your Life

While we love winter for many things – namely coat shopping, mulled wine and ice skating – it’s normally pretty bad news for our skin. Dry patches and dull skin (bye bye, healthy sunkissed glow) seem to wreak havoc with our beauty routine, and we’re left feeling less than fabulous.

But we think we may have found the solution – meet Artistry Advanced Skin Refinisher.

We know, you’re lost for miracle serums these days as let’s face it, they’re everywhere. But this one ACTUALLY works.

After just one application, our skin instantly appeared smooth, refined and softened, with our pores rendered basically invisible. Pretty nifty, no?

At £53.35 per 30ml bottle, it’s tonnes cheaper than a trip to the dermatologist’s, yet gives an impressively similar result. 

So what’s the technology behind it, we hear you cry? Well, an exclusive blend of ingredients explains the instant ‘wow’ effect, with optical diffusers mattifying and smoothing the skin’s surface for a soft-focus appearance. 

Team that with lentil seed extract (a powerful anti-oxidant) to basically fill in pores and reduce their appearance, Java Tea extract to help suppress excess sebum production and Patented Oat Extract and NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor) Sugars to exfoliate the skin’s surface area, smooth away roughness and reveal younger looking skin, and you’ve got one very clever dream team. 

Hello, HD-worthy skin…

By Robyn Munson