Meet The Most Pinned Halloween Makeup Look


With Halloween right around the corner, makeup fanatics everywhere are bursting at the seams with excitement. Forget Trick or Treating, the real treat of Halloween is – obviously – the Halloween makeup looks.

Whether you’re dying to create a horrific makeup masterpiece, a glamorous costume or you just love looking over other people’s ah-mazing Halloween handiwork, there’s no better place to do it than Pinterest.

If you don’t already know what Pinterest is, where have you been?! It’s the ulitmate website for inspiration for everything from wedding dresses to workout routines. Basically, your Sunday night scrolling is about to get a major upgrade with Pinterest in your life.

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She is like a cat in the dark & then she is the darkness ?

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With so many spook and spectactular Halloween makeup looks out there, it’s hard to imagine what could be good enough to own the title of the most pinned look on Pinterest. We mean, that’s a pretty big deal.

Well, is it a scary scull? A creepy clown? Nope, it’s a doe.

Yup, a cute little female deer has stolen the crown and if pretty is more your thing that petrifying, you’ll be pleased to know there’s not a speck of fake blood in sight for this costume.

The adorable costume is actually super easy to create and after the doe Snapchat filter stole all of our hearts (and time), it’s kind of a no brainer that this is sitting at the top spot.


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All you need to create the look is an antler headband, a contour kit with a variety of shades, a black cream pigment and white eyeliner. It really is that simple.

If you’ve fallen head over hooves for this doe Halloween look, we’re doing a Facebook live tutorial of the doe makeup look on Friday 21st October. Be sure you don’t miss it by liking our Facebook page and tuning in!

By Catherine Delves