Meet The Glam App Your New Beauty BFFE

Uber for beauty, wouldn’t that be seriously great? We’d all love to be able to get our nails, hair or makeup done anytime anywhere and that’s exactly what celebrity hair and makeup artist, Joey Maalouf, and actress/beauty blogger Cara Santana (she’s also going out with heartthrob Jesse Metcalfe) thought when they decided to create The Glam App. A one of a kind, it lets you find whatever beauty service you need and brings it straight to your door within a matter of minutes. Prices range from just £17 for a mani to £70 for a full glam hair and makeup session with a senior artist, so there is something for everyone. And with Gigi Hadid, Rachel Zoe and Jamie Chung all fans, we knew we had to speak to the creators of the hottest new app on the block….

LOOK: Tell me all about the app…

Cara: The story is, I wanted on demand immediate glam, which you can’t really get. Some women go to an event and pay someone thousands of dollars that the every day woman doesn’t have access to. There wasn’t anything in the middle. I wanted something luxurious yet affordable convenient and accessible.

L: Did you guys know each other before?

Joey: Yeah we were friends before, she rang me like omg I have this amazing idea I need to tell you and I was on vacation like, what you’ve caught me so off guard! For some reason I couldn’t say no to her about this, I woke up and called her the next morning and arranged to meet for a coffee when I got back. She called me on October 3rd last year and the app launched on February 11th the following year.


L: What beauty services does the app offer?

J: We do hair stylists, make up application and nails. We wanted to stay glam. It’s the ultimate most glamorous thing you could be doing in your own home.

L: Are there any thoughts on the future to add any other services?

C: Yeah for sure, the great thing is that there’s no limitation and we can always expand. For now were just listening to the consumer and they love the idea and having a glam team at their house.


L: How do you find the make up artists, nail technicians and hairdressers?

J: We look on their websites to see their work and go to beauty schools; we have an amazing army of people who are inspired and excited.

C: We have a whole recruitment team so when we activate in a new city we contact agencies to find the best talent and go into beauty schools. So we do services at different prices for different levels, a beginner will be cheaper than a professional hairdresser so it’s available and affordable for everyone.  We go through their background and check all their insurance and then we decide whether we can safely take them on board.


L: Is the app available now?

C: Yes right now!

L: So Joey, you’re best friends with Rachel Zoe, do you do her hair and make-up?

J: Now I’m doing the glam app I don’t really have time and plus she has a whole team of people around her so sometimes I’ll just do it for fun.  She’s the best.

L: Cara, I love your fringe did Joey do that?


C: Yes he did, we did a shoot for the app and after we were just like right lets cut it all off so I just stuck it in a pony tail and he cut it all off.

L: Were you scared?

C: I trust him, I’m like 30 years old and must of have about 40 hair cuts in my life I’ve only ever liked the way Joey does it!

J: Yes she took it like a champ! It was a big moment for her.


L: Have you always had an interest in beauty?

C: No I haven’t, like my mother was so naturally beautiful she was never into make up.

J: She’s so chic.

C: Yes she’s so chic, and as an actress make up and hair is the first part of getting into character so I always had appreciation for it and as I got older I got a bit more experimental about it. For women, if we look good we feel good and that’s something that is important. That’s what we’ve tried to help with by launching the app.

J: And it’s on demand! Within 60 minutes, they will be on your doorstep to glam you up!


L: Have either of you got any particular products that you like?

J: It’s interesting I have been using the Bobbi Brown Foundation Sticks, £29.50, for such a long time. I love it because it’s so blendable, you can have it as sheer or as heavy as you want, and it looks so natural and comes in a large array of colours. I love By Terry Rose Baume De Rose, £38, and I personally use it on my lips and then put it on my cheeks. When it comes to hair I love Rodin Recine Hair Oil, £52, I go through a bottle once a month. It gives my hair so much body and leaves it super shiny.

L: Cara your skin is amazing, can you talk me through your skincare routine?

C: I wash my face in the morning with Cetaphil, £8.99, or Kate Somerville products, and then I use a toner, moisturiser and an eye cream. My trick is that I don’t sleep with my make up on ever.


L: Do you get any treatments?

C: Now and again I get microdermabrasion or an oxygen facial, maybe every 3 months.

J: Her mom has beautiful skin too.

L: Day to day is your make up quite low key?

C: I don’t really wear make up day to day unless I’m on set or at an event. It’s all or nothing.


L: What about your hair?

C: I have it blown out and leave that as long as possible and when it starts to look bad I put it in a ponytail. Since the glam app I haven’t even attempted to do my own hair or mascara.

L: Do you have any favourite hair products?

C: No not really I like what Joey uses, but I’m not really a product-y person I just like certain brands.

J: Yeah she’s so annoyingly cute so she doesn’t need to do anything. And I’m such a product whore. I save things for future creative endeavours.

C: Yeah him and my boyfriend Jesse both have so many products.


L: Is your boyfriend Jesse (Metcalfe) high maintenance?

C: I wouldn’t say high maintenance, it sounds negative, but he has an appreciation for looking good which is something I like. He has better skin than all of us.

J: He has like a 15 year olds glow

C: Every morning I wake up and I’m like you’re so annoying your skin is so good!

L: Are you guys engaged?

C: No, not engaged, we’ve been together nine years but no ring yet, contrary to what the tabloids say!

J: They’re so young though!

C: He’s 36.

J: You have all the time in the world hunnie!

L: Are you working on any films at the moment?

C Yes, I’ve got a movie coming out in Sundance this year called Smartass then go back to filing Salem after.