Meet The Body Balm That Will Get You Fit In 2015

Last month you spent more days than not, eating desserts and cheese, huddled in a blanket on your sofa watching back-to-back Disney films. Along with the seemingly never-ending New Years hangover, the daily consumption of your bodyweight in food is sure to have left you feeling, quite frankly gross, and now it’s time to banish all bodily evidence that any of it ever happened.

But fear not, it’s 2015 and there’s never been a better time to blossom into that bouncing gym bunny you always dreamt you’d be. With the New Year comes renewed resolutions, and everyone everywhere is ditching the cake and having a go at getting fit.

The problem with get-fit resolutions (other than the fact that they involve lots of moving and no ice-cream), is getting motivated and staying motivated to get off your sofa and hit the gym.

Luckily for us, Activbod, a new body-care range designed to help Britain get active, has just hit Boot’s shelves and is here to lend a hand. Teaming with body benefits and developed by skin and sports experts, the range is specifically designed to help prep, support and recover the body and mind, pre and post-exercise. It’s suitable for newbies, regular gym goers and trained athletes and the products, including anti-redness treatments, muscle warmers and skin coolers, rival spa treatments at a pocket friendly price tag.

Our personal favorite is the Mind Over Matter Balm a handy travel sized mood boosting balm, packed with essential oils to get you focused and keep you motivated to make some serious sweat! Apply pre-workout to the wrists, temple and neck and inhale, not only will it leave you smelling glorious, but it will get you in the zone to exercise; after all research shows that reaching your workout targets has a whole lot to do with your mental state of mind – it’s all mind over matter.

By Gabrielle Dyer