The 5 Best Meditation Apps To Try

We’re all looking for a way to wind down and relax in our hectic lives. Can you remember the last time you weren’t tired? And I don’t just mean you’ve had a late night tired, I’m talking about a tiredness that hangs over your head and will not go no matter how early you go to sleep.

You spend your days near overdosing on coffee just to keep yourself conscious and by the time you get into bed at night you’re so hyped up on the days events – emails, phone calls, texts, social media, work, that guy who pushed into you on the train (eugh), that you are unable to drift off. Sound familiar? For so may of us, the stress and anxiety of our daily lives doesn’t allow us any time to settle our minds.

Now, if we had the time, we would love to run ourselves a bath, dot a few candles around our bathroom and lie back with a glass of red every night (we do still do this when we can, by the way), but recently a new wave of meditation apps seem to be the easiest and most convenient way to fit some chill time into our crazy schedules. Download these right onto your phone and you will be able to take 5 anytime, anywhere.


Think of this as your own personal mind trainer, all you need to gain some extra calm and quietness in your busy mind is 10 minutes each day, really not a lot when you think about it. Plus, it’s free and Emma Roberts is also a big fan.


Meditation Experience

This is a meditation app to Opra & Deepak’s 21-day Meditaion Experience, it helps make meditation fun and features a meditation journal so you can log your meditations. Handy, huh.


Coined the worlds number 1 mediation app for increased focus, relaxation and improved sleep, this app lets you choose from over 500 transformational audio tapes from around the globe. Categories include the body, mind, productivity, and relationships.


Custom meditations let you pick your meditation at specific times of the day; there are ones specifically for travelling, being online, going to sleep and taking a work break. Each one lasts between 5-30 minutes, so you can fit one in anywhere.

Stop, Breathe and Think


Daily meditations suggested each and every day based on how you are feeling. This user-friendly app promises that within a few weeks you will feel a new sense of calm and peace. Just select a meditation of your choice and hit play.

Gabrielle Dyer