Spectrum’s New Mean Girls MakeUp Brushes Come With An Actual Burn Book

Life. Made.

It might be nearly 15 years since the original film came out (gahd, we’re old) but we’re still very much obsessed with everything Mean Girls. And now, one of our fave brush brands Spectrum have released Mean Girls Makeup Brushes and they’re just so fetch. (Sorry, had to)

And what makes this new launch even better? The fact that the collection comes complete with an actual Burn Book.

No, you won’t find out who made out with a hotdog in it – because unlike the original Burn Book, this one only contains nice things like rainbows and smiles. Oh, and houses the actual dreamy Mean Girls Makeup Brushes in. YUP. GROOL.

The collection launches on the 30th August with three options, depending on how much you wanna spend. The 10-piece brush set is £49.99 but comes without the Burn Book. Or you could get the 10-piece brush set with Burn Book bag for £79.99, or the full size Burn Book which doesn’t come with any brushes but can hold up to 40 brushes for £49.99.

This is only phase one of an ongoing Mean Girls collection, with more being announced shortly. Eeee.