Maybelline Bags Major Influencers Manny Gutierrez And Shayla Mitchell

Boy beauty bloggers are rising to the top!

You know you’ve made it when a huge beauty brand decides YOU are their chosen face. YouTube bloggers Manny Gutierrez and Shayla Mitchell have been chosen as the faces of Maybelline’s The Big Colossal Mascara! That’s some big colossal news! Yeah, we went there.

Manny has a whopping 3 million followers on Instagram

Boy beauty influencer Manny has been enjoying mega fame, racking up an impressive 3 million followers on Instagram. The glam babe is known for his flawless beauty looks, especially on the eyes. His dramatic eye flicks and fluttery lashes are the stuff of actual dreams. Manny is the first boy to be hired by Maybelline as a beauty brand ambassador, following in the footsteps of fellow influencer James Charles who now fronts CoverGirl.

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Shayla is equally fabulous with 2.2 million fans all eagerly waiting for the brunette to post her next look. The gorgeous girl is a big fan of perfect contouring and strobing. She also has the most perfect skin we have seen in forever.

Shayla’s flawless looks have made her an Insta star

Both influencers are over the moon with their prime appointments. Manny said that he is “thrilled to be able to work with a global brand like Maybelline that is recognizing male influencer talent and is willing to shine the spotlight on it.”

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Boy influencers are fast becoming a regular on the beauty scene thanks to their amazing ability to nail any look. Bloggers like Ben J. Pierce have been making waves with wow looks on YouTube for years now. Manny’s appointment as Maybelline ambassador is proof that boys are just as good (and in many cases, better) as girls at slaying the make up game.