Maya Jama On Diversity In Beauty And Her New Maybelline Campaign

She's the new face of Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, so LOOK sat down with Maya for a goss...

She’s the youngest person to ever host the MOBO’s, has her own Radio 1 show, and has amassed over half a million instagram followers… all at only 23 years old! LOOK sat down with Maya Jama to talk all things fashion, beauty and fitness…

Tell us what it’s like to involved in a Maybelline beauty campaign

“I’m super excited, because I’ve obviously never done a beauty campaign before but Maybelline seems like the absolute perfect choice because I’ve been wearing Maybelline foundation for as long as I can remember. It’s such a great thing to be a part of… there being so many shades because it’s so difficult to find a foundation that matches your skin colour and that is affordable. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation is a dream and there are 35 shades! It feels like a perfect match and perfect timing, just the dream collaboration.


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Did you find that you struggled finding foundation shades when you were younger?

I feel like it’s so much better now and for the first time I feel like now there is actually a choice. In school I didn’t even wear a foundation because I couldn’t find a shade or find affordable ones. You could maybe find a shade but it would be like £200! I’d be like ‘there is no way I can afford that, I’ve got like £3 to my name!’ So actually having an affordable shade that’s a good foundation is an actual dream.

What was it like shooting the campaign with Jordan Dunn?

Yes I do know her, she’s a lovely lass and I was a fan before I knew her as well, so to be in the same campaign as her is just like ‘oh my god, she’s a world famous supermodel’ – like that is mental! I try not to fan girl too hard because she’s my mate now but I still think she’s absolutely insane! It was amazing, it was such a good day, all the other girls involved as well were super lovely and it was one of those just super chilled, nice vibe shoots, where everyone is having a laugh and you are dancing around, there was good food and I think everyone was super happy with their make-up, it’s nice to feel comfortable when you’re doing something that’s such a big deal and so many people are potentially going to see it to feel comfortable with how you look and be happy with everything and love my makeup, hair, styling, everything! I am excited for everyone to see!

Who inspires you?

My mum, she inspires me loads, she was a single mum with me and my little brother and she had us by 21. She’s just a G, she went to university late because she couldn’t go to university when she had us so she went back as an adult and she’s got all of these qualifications and she’s got an incredible job now and I just think she’s proof of a hard working woman that hasn’t let struggles define her and has pushed through things, so she is an inspirational mum.

Your hair is naturally curly but you wear is straight quite a lot too, so how do you keep it in such good condition?

I haven’t got tight curls so it straightens quite easily if it’s blow dried. I don’t get treatments, I do my own home remedy once every two months or something where I use olive oil, eggs and manuka honey. I mix it up, put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and it goes to a paste so I put it on my hair, put a plastic bag over my head so it can be absorbed in and then when you wash it out its super soft, it takes a few washes to get the egg smell away but its really good because it makes my hair feel softer!

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Would you say there is still quite a way to go in the hair care industry, as it can still be quite hard to find good hair products for people of colour?

Yeah, I think on the high street it can be difficult to find hair products catered specifically for black and mixed race hair, different kind of textures of hair. Online there are so many new brands that are coming up and small brands that aren’t big companies. There are loads of black owned shops that are not on the high street, there is one in Bristol that I go to called ‘Beauty Queens’ and they’ve got every hair product you could ever imagine and they are the most amazing thing ever! I think you just need to look a little bit harder – and that shouldn’t be the case – bigger retailers should be stocking products for all types of hair but I suppose it’s just a process isn’t it? The more we make noise about it hopefully people will start putting it out on the shelves!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I think just to be more of a regular face on TV, I’ve done a couple of shows now but I think there are still loads of people that don’t have a clue who I am! Building my brand as a presenter as well as a personality and everything else, just pushing the boundaries. I don’t know what my next immediate goal is but I want to have my own chat show at one point on a big channel, that would be great and just continue to travel with work and keep doing fun and exciting things and just have a good time whilst I am doing it. I’m fortunate to have such a good job and it is my dream job so I am just enjoying the journey at the moment.

Would you ever consider acting?

I actually would, before I started presenting I wanted to be an actress, I basically got to the last round to be in Skins. When I was 15 they came to my school and I basically got though all seven rounds and it was down to me and one other girl and she got it. I was a bit disheartened but then I discovered what presenting was and I thought this is basically acting but I just get to be myself. I would never say no if a good acting role came up, I would definitely be up to it.

Do you eat healthy most the time and treat yourself and workout?

I dabble, I’m not going to lie and say I have green smoothies every day! I try to be healthy but I do love a burger and deep fried stuff and doughnuts and all the other guilty pleasures in life so I try not to be too hard on myself. I say if you want that just eat it and have a green shot tomorrow or something, so I try and have a bit of a balance.

Where would we find you on a Saturday night?

Typically in one of my friends houses in the kitchen drinking a bottle of wine… but I actually went to The Box this Saturday and had the best time, I loved it! There was loads of us so we got a table but it was the best time ever. There’s a no phones or cameras policy so there’s less pressure to look nice because no one is going to take a photo – so it makes it more of a party experience because you’re not worried someone is going to catch you on snapchat being drunk in the corner, so you can actually have a good time! I don’t go out that much but I do go out sometimes, I do like a good dance with a big group of people.

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What’s currently on your ‘getting ready for a night out’ playlist?

Mabel and Not3s – Fine Line.
I listen to loads of Dance and Reggae stuff so Lady Saw Man is the Least
Sonder Too Fast,
Dolly Parton Jolene,
Maria Carey Emotions,
Rihanna and Chris Brown Nobody’s Business,
I have also revisited Drake’s Take Care album, that’s my favourite album of his.

Talk us through what’s in your make-up bag?

I’ve got the Maybelline Fit Me foundation in there obviously, but also the Master Precise eyeliner and loads of the Stay Matte lipsticks. I love a good lip and it’s easy to transfer into night time! I have a dry shampoo, I always have that because my hair gets greasy and a setting powder, those are my go to products every day. It can get more loaded depending on what kind of day I’ve got.

What are your favourite high street shops?

I used to work in Urban Outfitters when I was 17 and I have been obsessed with them forever. So there, and also H&M… oh and you cant go wrong with Topshop. If I’m honest when I go to Oxford Street or something I’ll just go straight to Urban Outfitters and then I’ll visit Topshop and that’s about it. Ooh but I do love a bit of Zara, too!