Master The Fresh Faced Makeup At Isabel Marant

It’s one of the hardest looks to achieve and one that aims to trick others into thinking you ‘woke up like dis’. But in reality, trying to make ones self appear naturally beautiful, otherwise known as the no make-up make-up look often takes the most amount of products, time and effort (sigh).

As seen on models at Isabel Marant, who had ruffled buns, glowing skin and no eye make-up, one of the most important things about getting it right is prepping your skin. Time after time backstage make-up artists will tell of how they’ve applied numerous facial oils and creams, sometimes even giving the models facials just so they can get that glowing, radiant base.



Apply a face cream rich in vitamins and minerals to perk up your complexion, we love Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Face Base, £38.50. Don’t just quickly apply, spend time working it into the skin, almost giving your face a mini massage to get the blood flowing and brighten the skin.

Another vital step is in the way you apply your products. You don’t want your face to look ‘done’ as such, so skin on skin application is really what you want to be doing. If you struggle with dark circles or blemishes, then apply your concealer where it’s needed first. Be wary of overloading concealer under the eye; instead use a soft cream concealer like Delilah’s Farewell Cream Concealer, £24, the peachy undertones works miracles for dark circles. Use your finger to gently pat it into the skin, paying close attention to the inner corners of your eye.



As I mentioned earlier, skin application is your friend here and this applies most to your foundation. Opt for a light-weight cream foundation rather than a powder to avoid a chalky finish like Eve Lom’s Radiant Glow Cream Compact Foundation SPF 30, £48, it contains a host of skin saving ingredients and helps to hydrate the skin. Press this into the skin only in areas where needed.

In order to get that gorgeous natural looking glow, take a large bronzer brush and sweep Autograph’s Natural Finish Bronzing Powder, £9.50, across the cheekbones, along the jaw and down the temples. If you don’t feel confident about going out without mascara then use Benefit’s Badgal Brown Mascara, £17.50, this will help open up your eyes without looking like you’ve piled on the product.



Finally, to achieve the fuller bushy brow look, take Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Colour, £13.50, this clever little thing is actually a thin nibbed pen, which allows you to draw each individual hair, cheating thicker fuller, natural looking brows. Keep them in place with Rimmel’s Brow This Way Clear Styling Gel, £3.99.

Finish off with a slick of clear lip gloss or your favourite lip balm and you are good to go. Don’t tell anyone how long you really spent getting ready and they’ll never guess!

Gabrielle Dyer