9 Mascara Hacks ALL Beauty Addicts Need To Know

1. Baby Powder = Serious Volume

Apply a coat of your mascara, then use a cotton bud to dust a little baby powder onto your lashes, make sure each lash is coated in powder, then apply another couple coats of mascara to cover any white specks. The powder will give lashes an instant thickness and length boost.

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2. De-Clump Lashes 

Overloaded your eyelashes with mascara? Don’t worry, simply use a toothbrush to brush away any excess, easy-peasy!

3. The Credit Card Trick

Sick of getting mascara smudges all over your lids? Hold a credit cash above your lash line and push the mascara wand into your lashes moving it back and forth. You’ll get tons of volume, minus the messy eyelids.

4. Rescue A Dry Mascara

If your favourite mascara has started to dry up simply pop the tube in a glass of hot water. The heat will soften the formula so it’s go on just like new.

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5. Run Out Of Liner?

Dip an old eyeliner brush into your mascara and use it to draw your flawless feline flick.

6. Smoky Eyes In A Second

Use your shadow brush to take the excess mascara off the wand, then blend it over your lids to give them a wash of black. Remember to smudge a little along your lower lash line for a edgy, rock chick finish.

7. Bend Your Brush

Bend your mascara brush so it’s on an angle, this makes it WAY easier to push your lashes up from the roots.

8. Make Any Mascara Waterproof 

You’ve dropped a whole load of cash on an amazing mascara only to find it won’t hold up against a bit of drizzle, simply grab a super-cheap waterproof mascara, layer it over the top of your favourite lash loader to make it waterproof, yep it’s that simple.

9. Recycle Your Mascara Wand

If there’s no life left in your mascara simply wash the wand and keep it to use as an eyebrow brush!