Michelle Keegan Just Turned Her Brown Eyes Pale Grey

Michelle Keegan looks a little different in this photo, right?

At first, we found it pretty hard to decipher *what* exactly had changed about Mich’s face… but then we took a second glance.

It’s her eyes!

Yep. Michelle’s peepers are naturally dark brown, but in her latest Instagram snap they’re a very pale grey. Not only that, but her pal’s are the same colour.

Michelle Keegan with grey eyes in Instagram photo Michelle Keegan’s friend also uploaded a picture of their eyes


Fans seemed to have different ideas about how Michelle and her friend achieved their supernatural look, with one commenting: ‘she wears coloured contacts,’ and another asking: ‘What app is used to do this?!’

Michelle Keegan showing off her brown eyes Michelle Keegan has naturally brown peepers


But Michelle did admit that she’d had a little help before posting the image, writing the caption: ‘Running errands in London today with this beaut @ainysstyle Bye Felicia. filter? … Yep!’

Bye Felicia? LOL. For those of you who don’t know, this phrase is described on Urban Dictionary as meaning: ‘A goodbye given to any unwanted, irritating, or disliked person.’

Eek! Has someone annoyed Michelle? Or is she just talking about her pre-filtered self? If so, she’s cer-azy because we’re sure she looked just as beaut before clicking the Valencia button.

Michelle Keegan with no make-up on Michelle Keegan is a natural beauty


We reckon Michelle, 27, may have been running some rather important errands yesterday.

The ex-Coronation Street actress is set to marry her fiancé Mark Wright this month and is currently sorting out the final details of her big day. Exciting!

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright out in London Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright are getting hitched this month


She was spotted heading to her final dress fitting at Browns Bride in Marylebone, London at the weekend and Mark, 28, recently told his Instagram followers that they’d been arranging their table plan.

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright arranging their table plan in Instagram photo Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan recently sorted out their table plan


Michelle has kept very quiet about what kind of gown she’s chosen to walk down the aisle in but we do know that she’s designed it herself and that it’s *DRUMROLL* ivory.

Yep. NOT white.

We are so excited to see it!