Marc Jacobs Launches His Very Own Beauty Range!

Love Marc Jacobs as much as us? Then you’ll be pleased to hear the man himself is launching one totally amazing, out-of-this-world make-up range. Yippee! The range is huge, with over 122 different items to choose from! From nail polish to lipstick, brow tamers to high-tech foundations. He’s also including three unisex products, so you don’t have to worry about your boyfriend stealing yours. Each product has been given a cute and funny name, like “Style Eye-Con” for an eyeshadow palette and “The Magic Marc’er” for the precision pen eyeliner.


With 10 super-successful scents already to his name, we expect this range to a be a total knockout. But how do you get hold of it? Well, the collection launches in Sephora in the US this August, but panic not because it’s set to hit Europe in spring 2014. Thank goodness for that!



Want to know more? Jump on his Instagram @marcjacobintl to see more of the amazing product shots.

By Nicole Campanaro


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