Marble Hair Is Now A Thing

And it looks pretty cool

From marble lips to the tie dye nail art technique everybody wanted to perfect, the 2 tone swirls of marble seem to be everywhere at the minute. And it seems we just can’t get enough of the trend as the latest Insta-craze takes it one step further… Introducing Marble Hair:

Pretty cool right? The new technique first originated by hair stylist Ash Fortis, who was inspired by the popular nail art trend. To create the look it is all down to none other than shaving cream. Yep!

To create the mesmerising swirls, Ash applies shaving cream on top of mesh strips before applying the brightly hued hair dies over top. Using the back of the brush she then swirls the foam to create the most beautiful marbled design. It’s pretty mesmerising if we are honest, take a look…

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Once the swirls are in place she then takes a section of the hair onto the foam strip and adds a clear strip on top to keep it in place. The final result looks b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l if you ask us.What makes it even cooler is the design will come out different each time so it is totally unique.

Instagram is full of these weird and wonderful beauty crazes. But whilst some trends are a bit hit or miss, marble hair does look pretty cool. It is giving us total unicorn vibes if you ask us!

By Emma Hull