Marathon Training? Hit The Ground Running With These Skincare Saviours

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Glowing skin and healthy bank balance begin here…

Let’s be honest, we’ve all become so used to wearing makeup that we sometimes forget how beautiful we can be without it.

Sure, make-up’s fun and wearing a slick of mascara for the gym is fine, but we’re all for bare-faced beauty when it comes to getting our sweat on.  No one wants clogged pores and spots.

But how do you know when a skincare product is a pot of gold? Well, when it comes to effective skincare minus the enormous price tag, NIVEA is one skincare brand we always go back to.

So, we’ve rounded up the best budget skincare buys that’ll make sure your make-up free marathon look is fresh, minimal and glowing.

Go make-up free

When you work out, your pores and sweat glands open up in order to cool down your body, so wearing a full face of makeup won’t do your skin much good. Fact. So, before you hit the ground running, take off your make-up. NIVEA’s 3-in-1 Cleansing Micellar Wipes are designed to remove make-up (even waterproof) in one easy wipe. The idea that micellar water draws out impurities without drying out the skin, means you’ll feel great before you even start that spinning class.

Keep fresh

There’s nothing quite so off-putting than slipping into your gym gear and spotting deodorant stains from your last workout. You need to feel fresh, right? NIVEA Black and White Invisible deodorant to the rescue! It won’t leave any marks on your clothes and you’ll feel (and smell!) incredible for up to 48hrs. Boom!




Get out of the gym

The great thing about the summer? You can workout without even entering the gym. Yes, as those summer months hit, you’ll find yourself running, cycling and breathing in actual fresh air with fellow yogis, because you’ll be outside. Yay! But you’ll 100% need a moisturiser with SPF – NIVEA’s Rich Moisturising Day Cream is the perfect. Shea Butter and Anti-oxidant provide the intense moisture you need, and an SPF 15 to boot. No excuse now – it’s time to hit the streets.


Pucker up!

It’s time to look like the gym goddess that you are. With no make-up make-up vibes sweeping the gym you may feel inclined to abandon the lipstick, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your lips. A touch of NIVEA’s Hydro Care Caring Lip balm will not only hydrate your lips, providing long-lasting moisture, it’ll leaving them looking soft and beautiful too.

April Showers

You’ve had your sweat sesh, and there’s only one thing on your mind: the shower. Yep! You’ve worked your way through an intense round of HIIT, stretched your way through Acroyoga and you are ready to wash it all away. Try NIVEA Shower Silk Mousse Raspberry Rhubarb for an indulgent cleanse after reaching those #fitnessgoals. The uplifting fruity scent will freshen you up and leave you feeling silky smooth. What’s not to love?