5 Tips To Taking The Most Perfect Manicure Selfie

What girl doesn’t love getting a manicure?

And after indulging in a little nail pampering, the first thing we want to do is post a photo of our glam-looking hands on Instagram. Natch.

Whether we’ve gone for a vampy black, a girlie nude shade or a classic red polish, it’s always nice to show our followers the results of our mani. And see the likes roll in, obvs.



There’s no denying that the mani selfie is a big deal, with the hashtag #Manicure now boasting more than 5 million posts.

But how do we make sure our photo is as perfect as possible? Luckily for us, our friends over at InStyle US have come up with some handy tips…

1) Brighten up

‘Natural lighting is key,’ says New York-based nail pro Miss Pop. ‘Get near a window, or go outside. Sunlight always makes hands look better than indoor lighting.’




2) Consider your background

Try propping your hands against interesting fabrics to add a little texture and colour to your shot. You can use everyday items like your sweater, wallpaper or even throw pillows.

Just make sure the colors aren’t so bold that they distract from the manicure itself.

3) Go beyond Instagram filters

‘Don’t be afraid to use a Photoshopping app,’ says Miss Pop, who uses FaceTune to help smooth out any imperfections (like a snagged cuticle).



4) Upgrade with accessories

InStyle US recommend stacking rings or statement bracelets to add more eye candy to your shot.

5) Get close

‘People are afraid to get close up,’ says Miss Pop, who suggests tightening the crop of the shot to show your fingers from the knuckles on up.

You can also try holding an object so your hands aren’t awkwardly positioned. Even just wrapping your fingers around the nail polish bottle can help your fingers look more relaxed.