This Teen’s Being Trolled For Showing The Power Of Makeup

One 19-year-old from Wales has found herself at the centre of some nasty social media trolling. And it’s all because of her make-up selfies.

Wanting to promote empowerment, Maisie Beech shared a series of pictures that showed two sides to her image; one side with a full face of expertly applied make-up, and the opposing side keeping it au naturel. 

She was shocked to find that there was a largely negative reaction, with an awful lot of nasty comments. And as her images spread across the world wide web, she soon found that they were being made into internet memes.

This one, shared on Kim Kardashian’s celebrity make-up artist‘s account, has the text: ‘when you first start seeing your girl vs. when it’s official’.  Users were quick to enter into a debate, with one posting ‘that’s why I hate make up’ and another hitting back, ‘Well that’s rude… why isn’t she beautiful?’

One comment reads, ‘take a lady swimming on the first date. truth will be revealed.’


Some saw the funny side with one agreeing, ‘this is literally me’.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Maisie explained her motivation behind the pictures: ‘Personally, I love putting make-up on, it’s what I do for fun. I wanted to show that I like make-up and I wear it for myself, but I’ll also happily get on the train brow-less if I want to.’

She went on, ‘it’s sad that this is how society is now. Make-up can and is a part of fashion and girls like to experiment and be creative, we don’t wear make-up to hide our faces or deceive people.

‘We don’t wear make-up for other people, it’s something we do for ourselves.’

We couldn’t have put it ANY better.

Touching on some of the backlash she’d received, Maisie said, ‘Women shouldn’t be criticised or called fake or unnatural for wearing make-up in the same way they shouldn’t be called ugly if they’re not wearing any.’

In a crushing twist, Maisie revealed that some of the comments have actually had the opposite reaction from what she intended, explaining it was ‘meant to empower women, not make them feel worse but now it has.

‘It will make people feel like they don’t want to go make-up free because of the comments I got.’

We think everyone should ignore the hate and embrace themselves. STAT.