WARNING: Why Your Make-Up Mirror Can Be A Major Hazard

It can be a dangerous life, being a beauty addict.

Lash curlers attacking your eyes, hair straighteners leaving track marks in your carpet – the hazards are endless.

But 20-year-old Kasey Ault just offered up a terrifying warning about what could happen to a certain popular item on your dressing table…

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The make-up addict from California learned the downsides of owning a make-up mirror the hard way when she returned home from a day at work to find that her desk was on fire.

In a seriously crazy case of bad luck, Kasey’s mirror is thought to have started a fire after being left sitting in direct sunlight and reflecting the rays onto her table.

Sharing her warning story on Facebook, along with some scary photos of the scorched remains, Ault wrote: ‘Just had something very scary happen to me.’


‘If any of you do your makeup in a little mirror in front of the window like I do, stash it away when you’re done. I just came home to a house full of smoke and found clear evidence of a fire on my desk. I believe it was started by the reflection of light off the magnified side.’

She continued: ‘I’m extremely lucky the fire didn’t reach the battery of my iPad, my wooden desk, my laundry basket next to my desk… It miraculously was somehow contained. I had my sweet chihuahua asleep in that room, along with my other 3 dogs and 5 cats in the house. I could have lost them all. Please be careful.’

Eesh. If that’s not a warning, we don’t know what is. Keep those make-up mirrors out of the sun, people!