10 Seriously Good Make-Up Tips For Older Women

From which foundation to choose to how to successfully define your eyebrows, here are the best makeup tips for older women...

It’s no secret that as we get older, our beauty habits tend to change. Because that frosted lipstick and heavy contour that looked good at 21 might not work so well at 55, right?

But with a whole load of makeup products and tips out there, it can be tough to know what makeup is best to wear as an older woman. For example: What’s the best foundation to use on mature skin? Is kohl eyeliner still acceptable? What about eyebrows? It’s a total minefield.

Thankfully, though, seriously chic 50-something beauty addict Elizabeth Ross is here to share her best tips on how to wear makeup well when you’re no longer in your 20s or 30s. Because she’s a woman who knows.

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Meet Elizabeth: a woman of a certain age who can still turn a head on occasion and who is blessed with wonderful grandchildren!

1. Always use an eye cream day and night, even if you didn’t use one when you were younger – your peepers need all the help they can get at this time of life.

2 . A good quality primer will help your foundation base stay on top of your skin, rather than sink into some of those more noticeable lines that somehow appear overnight.

3. If you wear lipstick, use a primer and a lip liner that is the same shade of your lippie – this will prevent lipstick bleed into fine vertical lines above and below your lips, thus preventing the ‘cat’s bottom’ look!

4. Even if you never wear eyeshadow, use a lid primer to ‘blur’ those pesky eye creases and use waterproof mascara every day no matter what the weather; both of these tips will prevent mascara dots appearing unflatteringly on your eyebrow area.

5. Eyebrows can often become sparse with age; ensure you use an eyebrow pencil no more that a couple of shades darker than your hair colour. Talking of hair, always go lighter as you get older. Alternatively, get them tattooed!

6. Do not be tempted to use a matte foundation base: this will result in a ‘flat’ powdered look that even Barbara Cartland could not pull off with any degree of success. Choose a moisturising base for a more natural, slightly dewy look.

7. Never wear highlighter on your brow bone, especially if your eyelids have already begun to move south – no point drawing attention to them!

8. If you are lucky enough to have deep set eyes, use eyeliner on your eyelids only, close to your lashes. However, if you are not so blessed and your eyelids disappear when your eyes are open, then use eyeliner on the waterline and outer corners only. This will help to enhance your eye shape without drawing attention to your lack in the lid department.

9. Do not be tempted to contour – leave it to those with time to waste and who don’t mind being laughed at in public.

10. I do not need to remind you but I will do so anyway – DO NOT LIE IN THE SUN AND DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT SUNSCREEN ALL YEAR ROUND! If you don’t want to have too many layers/products, then invest in a foundation base with at least SPF 20. In sunny climes, wear factor 30 and a big hat!

By Elizabeth Ross