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3 Ways To Boost Your Bronze

These makeup tricks will enhance your tan in a flash.

English weather sucks, right? One day it’s a scorching 25 degrees, the next it’s the height of winter. Like, make up your mind already, JHEEZ.

Anyway, all this bipolar weather presents a few issues for us folk, namely that one minute we are preparing to be bronzed goddesses, the next we are running to the local Boots to stock up on some fake tan. Wah.

But, if you’re living in fear that the tan which you managed to accumulate during the one week that it was sunny is on its way out, there are a few tricks we have up our sleeve to get you looking gloriously golden – no tan necessary!

We’ll let you in on a little secret; certain colours and products can give you the illusion of being a bronzer goddess than you actually might be. We’re going to spare you the obvious ones, like bronzer and contour – because duh, everyone knows that, and tell you the other makeup tricks…


  1.  A bright lip.

As is the law of colour (is it, we’re not actually sure) a really bold lip that says ‘wow, look at me’ will leave you looking more tanned in an instant. Go for colours like orange, fuchsia and coral and if you opt for a red, go for a bright one with orange undertones rather than blue, like MAC’s Lipstick in Ablaze, £15.50. Sisley’s Phyto Lip Twist Matte Kiss, £29 is the ultimate pouty pink (out September).


  1. A coral blusher

The same rules apply to your blusher. If you usually tend to go for a baby, dusty pink, switch it for a warm coral that packs a punch. Pick one that leaves a slight golden shimmer, we love Nars Blush in Orgasam, £23.


  1. Highlight, highlight, highlight

A golden glow in the form of a highlighter will automatically enhance whatever shade your skin is and leave you with a lit-from-within radiance, so if you feel like you’re not as brown as you ought to be definitely reach for one of these. Make sure you pick one with a golden or peachy undertone, like Becca’s Champagne Pop Highlighter, £32, rather than a pearly pink one.


Watch our Beauty Writer’s quick video to see how easily you can do it at home…