The Easy Way To Make Your Hair Look Longer, Fast

When it comes to getting the luscious, mermaid-like locks of your dreams, a little clever trickery can go a long way. Not everyone can achieve Rapunzel status naturally, but a few adjustments to your existing ‘do can give you that free-flowing look you’ve been pining after. Scroll down for three easy styles that’ll help you fake the look of longer, thicker hair—sans extensions! 

1. The Half-Up Topknot 

Pulling back the top layer of your hair instantly makes those bottom layers look about 10 times longer. Just separate your hair into two sections and twist the top layer into a topknot, and you’re done! Tons of celebs rely on this trick regularly, FYI. 

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2. The Double Pony

It’s the oldest trick in the book, but also the most effective. Create the illusion of a longer tail when you add a second, hidden pony underneath.

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3. The Side Style

Sometimes the best way to fake longer hair is to just pile it all to one side. Just remember: shorter layers will fall out when you do this, so be sure to pin them in place.

This post originally appeared on TheOutfit.