Magnetic False Eyelashes Are Now A Thing That Exist In The World

The future is here

Magnetic False Eyelashes have been popping up all over our Facebook feeds recently. And they look like they could be the solution to all our problems… buuuut we’re not totally convinced.

So what’s the deal?

Magnetic False Eyelashes

Well, the magnetic false eyelashes work by – you guessed it – magnets. They’re from a brand called One Two Cosmetics and they’re essentially designed to get rid of the faff of eyelash glue.

All you do is sandwich your real lashes in between the two magnetic fake lashes and you’re done.

Sounds great? LOOKS great. But here’s our issue….

Surely trying to line up the two magnets without the lashes being pulled together in a weird skew-whiff shape is even harder than aligning lashes with glue? Plus – is wearing magnets so close to your eyeballs safe?!

They’ve been getting pretty good reviews so far, so maybe they are the future. What do you think? Tweet us @lookmagazine and tell us your thoughts.