Make-Up Junkies Are Going Mad For Magic Tips

We thought the Beauty Blender was amazing – but a new beauty tool may be about to knock it off the top spot.

Magic Tip applicators are taking the phrase ‘hands on’ to the next level, and could revolutionise the way you put on your cosmetics.

So, what exactly are they? Well, they’re small silicon tips that help you effortlessly apply your make-up, especially in those tricky places such as under your eyes and around your nose.

To use, simply pop them on your index and middle fingers and blend. It’s as easy as that.

The smooth skin-like texture of the tips make for quick and flawless blending, meaning that you can achieve complexion perfection in a flash.

They’re also pretty mess-free and are slated to be more hygienic, which is ideal for both make-up artists and those of us doing our slap at home.

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Image this situation. You’ve just applied your make-up and then hastily grab your favourite white dress, ruining it with your foundation-covered fingers. We’ve all been there.

Using magic tips guards your actual hands, and also your face from any dirt or bacteria that may be on your fingers.



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They can be washed and re-used a limitless amount of times and will fit perfectly into your make-up bag.

Beauty maestro Jaclyn Hill once said that your fingers are the make-up brushes nature gave us, and these useful magic tips have just made that statement so much truer.

Okay, so they look a bit weird, but they’re proving themselves to be the next big thing in the beauty tool world. And we can kinda see why.

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Although we don’t think we could bear to say goodbye to our Beauty Blenders just yet…

You can purchase Magic Tips from Magic Cosmetics, £9.99.

By Catherine Delves