MIC’s Jess Woodley Shows Off New Peach Hair

We got the goss on her new shade from her colourist, Harriet Muldoon

Nothing makes us happier on a Monday night than a session in front of the telly watching Made In Chelsea. The current series is set in the South of France, the ideal home-away-home for the posh pals. MIC’s resident grunge babe Jess Woodley’s blunt, choppy bob has long been a fave of ours. Especially since she lightened it to icy, platinum levels. We honestly didn’t think she could get much cooler. Then she did *this*…


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Jess, who has found love whilst filming in the South of France with a *very* hot model, took to Instagram to reveal a brand new hair shade. Peach! And we are peachy keen for it.

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Not quite pink, not quite red, the warm shade is a perfect coral-peach and looks incredible on Jess. It also works brilliantly with a tan making it the ideal summer fun colour. Jessica’s pal, east London colourist Harriet Muldoon, is responsible for the new fruity vibe.

Determined to find out absolutely *everything* there is to know about becoming as cool as Jess (stalkers, us?), we grabbed Harriet for a chat and got the low down on her hot new look…

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Thirsty Thursday's @sundaysomewhere

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How long have you been doing Jess’s hair?

I first met Jess last October when she was a golden girl and slowly turned her into the bleach babe.

Is she pretty much up for anything/creative when it comes to her hair?

I call Jess my Polly Pocket! She’s fun, loving and full of life. I like to convey this with her hair. I tend to not over tone her hair because she likes the warmer side of bleach, which is why peach tones were such a great shout for her.

What’s your fave look on her?

I’m loving her hair shorter, it really suits her really petite frame. I also love her bleached and even when her roots come through, total Madonna vibes.

💭 🌒💫

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Her blonde is *so* shiny and healthy looking…

Like any bleach it always needs TLC. We use Olaplex stages 1 and 2 during the bleach process in the salon and Jess keeps it topped up at home with 3.

Why peach?

It’s always nice to play around with pastel shades in the summer. Her complexion suits warmer tones so we decided on peach. For winter I’ll take her back to her bleach blonde.

How long did it take to get that shade?

Around 30 minutes to develop because her hair was already bleached so I just applied a toner.

Yesterdays bleach with a rose finish @beck.w4rd @bluetitlondon #rosehair #pink #pastelhair

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Is it a difficult colour to pull off?

Peaches and pink shades are softer on complexions but if you prefer cooler bases lilac/violet shades are great because they combine both cool and warm tones.

Can we do this at home?

I used a toner for this peach but there are colour conditioners available on the market. The may not last as long but are a great top up option.

What else have you been loving this summer?

I’ve perfected my technique sun bun technique this year, which is a tie-dye effect perfect for either pastel or more vivid shades.

What’s your hair colour prediction for AW16?

I love my blondes! For winter I love a clean white with a polo neck and a red lip. It’s the perfect finish.

Which celeb’s hair would you love to get your hands on?

I’d love to get my hands on Margot Robbie but who wouldn’t!

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