MAC Are Launching Metallic Foundations, And We’re Excited

If you're a lover of MAC's cult Face And Body foundation, then you need to read this...

When it comes to make-up artist adored foundations, MAC’s Face And Body is definitely up there.

Praised for it’s gorgeously sheer coverage, glowy satin finish and all-round angelic lit-from-within qualities, Face And Body has found itself riding high at the top of the foundation charts time and time again.

So when we heard that MAC were about to launch a new-and-improved version of their cult cover-up, we were BESIDE OURSELVES with excitement.

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Because guys, LOOK how epic this looks.

Thanks to MAC make-up artist Dominic Skinner, we’ve been allowed a sneak peek at the brand’s all new metallic Face And Body foundations. Yep, that’s your fave base in a bottle, only with hints of dewy, shimmering highlighter added into the mix.

The two new shimmer shades are called ‘Just a Hint’ and ‘Million Dollar Bling’, and both look gorgeously glowy. (Just imagine how ah-mazing these would look in front of a flash?!).

‘This iconic backstage favourite has the most expensive looking glow built in, with the same skin like coverage’, Dominic explains.

No release date as of yet, but get this one on your radar, because we predict a SELL-OUT.