MAC’s New Foundation Is Going To Change Your Skin, Here’s Why

It kinda looks like I’ve just had a thousand pound facial

I haven’t devoted an entire article to a single product in a very long time. In fact the last time I wrote a story on a life changing foundation it was Bareminerals Complexion Rescue and I’m pretty sure that was two years ago. Anyway.

I love MAC as much as the next person, which beauty insider doesn’t. When it comes to their shade selection, colour payoff and lippie lines they really do tick all the boxes – however their foundations have never really won me over.

Back in the day when Face & Body was the base of choice amongst all my friends, I did what any 16-year-old girl would do and purchased one too. I remember thinking that while it looked good on everyone else, it sadly did not look so good on me. Ever since then I’ve tried really hard to like MAC foundations.

Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means slating them, the majority of my friends and family swear by them, but for me there was always something missing. I know that I am possibly the pickiest person when it comes to finding the right foundation fit, but if I can see it on my skin, I don’t like it.

When I first heard about MAC’s latest base offering: Next To Nothing Face Colour, £27, my ears pricked up. A balmy formula that leave skin looking like a better, more luminous version of itself. Yes please, tell me more. It wasn’t even love at first sight at my in-store fitting. It looked k and sounded nice. Little did I know I had just left with what would soon be my new base-best-friend. It sat on the side for a while, until one day I made the leap of faith and decided to give it a go.

I buffed it onto my face, did the rest of my makeup as normal and set about my day. After entering the office 3 people immediately commented on how great my skin looked. I hadn’t really thought about it, but a quick check in the mirror revealed that my skin really did look very good.

In place of my usual dull, slightly sallow looking complexion was a brighter, glossy, hydrated looking one. The only way to describe it is like having a light shining through your skin. It somehow does the impossible, blurring imperfections without covering or being cakey.

Don’t get me wrong, if your struggling with problem skin, uneven skin tone or anything where you need some serious slap this isn’t for you, and I know it wont be for everyone. But, if like me you revel in looking like you got that glow from your mumma and not from a bottle, then you need to try this. You’ll thank me, promise.