MAC Cosmetics Reward Scheme Is a Superfans Dream

Spend all of your wages on MAC? Well, for all those MAC super fans, we have some pretty amazing news. Thanks to your dedication and loyalty, a new scheme has now been set up, and it basically means you get *a lot* of benefits. Wanna hear more?

So, MAC have decided to set up a rewards scheme, for all those who get widely enthusiastic about celeb collaborations or limited edition collections it’s their way of thanking you. It’s called MAC Select and it’s based around how much a customer spends, so not only do you come out with a whole new range of gorgeous products, but you also get access to free shipping, an annual gift and access to the Back To MAC program (when a customer returns 6 empty containers and receives a free product).

To set up a membership is free (woo), and then everyone starts at the ‘Seduced’ level. For anyone who spends more than £100 a year gets moved to ‘Devoted’ level, which entitles you to enhanced product samples, early access to collections, free two day shipping, an even better annual gift and a free make up application, can it get much better? Yes, yes it can.

The final tier is called ‘Obsessed’ and it requires the customer to spend more than £340 annually. You’ll receive a deluxe yearly gift, two free MAC make up applications, gain access to new collections and try out all the new products before anyone else!

We’re sure not many of you will have a problem meeting any of the requirements, we know we won’t! So for any MAC devotees, get yourself signed up!

By Lucia Campolucci- Bordi