MAC Loves Basic Bitches Just As Much As You Love Being One

So much that they've made an entire palette in honour of all the basics out there...

There’s nothing wrong with being a basic, because lets face it, who doesn’t love lounging around in leggings, getting the standard Costa coffee and spending most of your time Netflix and chilling (yes, that is a thing that happens by yourself too).

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. We’re sure a few of you reading this right now can probably relate and that’s okay. Why? Because MAC has confirmed it is, duh.

We’d like to introduce the all new ‘Basic Bitch’ makeup palette that MAC has created just to spice things up for all us basics. The palette contains 8 new eyeshadows that consist of a mix of shimmery colours and velvet mattes. And, it gets better, there’s a gorgeous golden highlighter in the palette, too. We may be basic but we sure are getting treated.

Luckily for us, MAC’s senior make up artist Netta Szekely has blessed us with a sneak peek. She posted a photo on Instagram showing off the palette and labelling all of the swatches.

From left to right, the nine shades are called ‘Shy Girl’, ‘Tattle-Tale’, ‘Me Me Me’, ‘Hell in Heels’, ‘Ms. Personality’, ‘Big White Lie’, ‘Text Me Later’, ‘Gameplayer’, and (the highlighter) ’Love This Bitch’. Its just all TOO much!

She captioned it: ‘Its all about the basic’ even though ironically the colours really aren’t very basic. The shades range from a dark purple sparkling to a deep bronze. We’re pretty sure that even the non-basics will be eager to get their hands on this palette.

Naturally you are desperate to know when and where you can get your hands on this bad boy, but we have some sad news. Unfortunately MAC have also announced that the palette will not be being released in the UK. *Cries*. Its all a bit of an anti-climax actually and we are sorry. Time to book a trip to the US we think.

By Rochelle