MAC Is Taking Lip Art To The Next Level

If you’ve been on MAC’s Instagram recently, you’ll probably have noticed they’re feed is full of some pretty awesome lip art. It turns out the pictures are actually fan art created by people and makeup artists all across the world and, for the most part they all share the same hashtag: ArtOfTheLip.

The #ArtOfTheLip campaign is in aid of MAC’s latest additions to their stellar lipstick collection. A massive extension of 29 shades, both of their origional lipstick formula and their new liquid lipsticks are soon to hit a store near you. Even though we are yet to lay our eyes on the new colours, MAC shared a small snap of  a few and we can already tell they are going to be seriously quirky, kaleidoscope style.

It’s not just MAC recreating the rainbow, statement lips in crazy colours have been sweeping across social media recently, partly sparked by Kylie’s latest Lipkit shades. And, while we’re not sure that we would actually attempt to recreate any of these looks (I mean we wouldn’t even be able to if we tried), just thinking about all the endless colour possibilities is making us giddy.

We just really, really like looking at them. We’ve grabbed a few of our favourites, but we’re warning you, once you start scrolling you can’t stop, so enter with caution. Who knew looking at lips could be so satisfying?