Lush Have Made A Moisturiser Inspired By Princess Diana

Why did we not know this before!?

Everything Diana did or touched was good. She was iconic and loved by the world. After she passed away designers like Dior even created a bag in her memory, but so far no one has created a beauty product in name of the princess.

So, imagine our surprise when we found out that Lush has been stocking a face cream that was created for Diana this whole time!

According to Popsugar, the princess showed her favourite moisturiser to founder Mark Constantine and he liked it so much he decided to create the Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser, £42.50.

Considering Di had some of the best skin on the block we’re sure this truly does what it says on the tin. Like all Lush exports, the soothing formula is made in small batches and is packed full of cold pressed organic oils and fruits like pineapple, orange and lemon to help brighten and hydrate.

We took a look at some of the reviews on Lush’s website and it seems like this little black pot is an unsung hero, although a few people did mention that it was slightly on the expensive side.

Regardless, we can’t quite believe we could have got our hands on a pot all this time and we’re heading straight to our nearest Lush store to get one ASAP.