Lucy Watson Sports Purple ‘Shadow For Secret Project

Lucy Watson has always been a champion of super-wearable high street looks.

But this time the Made In Chelsea star has caused a divide in opinion over her latest style choice.

Sharing a behind the scenes look from a photoshoot, the reality star showcased her purple eye shadow.

Yes, purple.

Lucy Watson teased with the caption:


With no hint of ‘liner, the rest of the beauty look was fresh faced. All that framed her brown peepers was a little mascara to lengthen the lashes, so the bright colour spoke for itself.

The purple powder took over Lucy’s top lids, with a darker emphasis in the creases. For an all round effect, the star smudged the colour lightly underneath each eye.

Posting the snap to her Instagram, the controversial #FOTD caused some strong opinions between her fans. Some argued that the Channel 4 star looked like she was sporting two black eyes – a little harsh, no?


We love that Lucy was daring enough to bring back such a bold 90s beauty look. And she’s opted for one of the hottest hues of the moment, too.

And it’s a major change from the make-up we’re used to seeing on the outspoken starlet, who usually rocks her signature catflick and earthy tones.

What’s your verdict?

By Laura Jane Turner