Lucy Meck Reveals The *Truth* Behind Her Lips

Lucy Mecklenburgh wants to set the record straight once and for all.

The fitness guru seems to have been plagued by rumours that she’s had lip fillers, with some of her fans reportedly questioning her full pout on social media.

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But the star has dedicated an entire Instagram post to the subject, after an article wrongly claimed that she’d had work done. 

In fact, she’s revealed the true magic behind her lips: ‘I discovered lip liner that’s all’.



Referencing the message she tries to put out for ‘impressionable young women’, Lucy has rubbished the idea that she’s had any work done to her face.

The former TOWIE star says, ‘I have NEVER, that’s absolutely never used fillers in my lips.’

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And that’s not all. She goes on to say, ‘[I’ve] never had cosmetic surgery of any kind to my face or anywhere else for that matter, nor have I ever had implants of collagen.’

This is where things get a little sassy. The 24-year-old hits back, ‘If you think that my lips look “out of proportion” to my face, then that’s your opinion. But that’s the mouth I was born with and the one I’m sticking with, so best you get used to it!’



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Lucy wants to be clear that she’s not hating on anyone else’s choices. The reality star points out, ‘If someone wants to inject stuff into their face/lips/eyes whatever, then that’s their choice and I’m not looking down upon the practice.

‘It’s just not for me, and I think it’s wrong to put further pressure on young women to adopt a certain look…’

Her final thought? ‘Be natural, be healthy, be yourself!!!!’