Lucy Mecklenburgh’s Curly Hair Selfie Divides Opinion

Lucy Mecklenburgh debuted a pretty different hairstyle yesterday, and isn’t it gorgeous?!

The 24-year-old shared a snap of herself with tight curls, which she’d achieved by plaiting small sections before carefully untying then.

She captioned the image: ‘Plaits out!! Curly wurly.’

Lucy Mecklenburgh is normally rocking a bouncy blow-dry


Of course, the majority of her fans were quick to tell Lucy just how hot they thought her new ‘do was. One wrote: ‘Looks great!!’ while another said: ‘Gorgeous x.’

But unfortunately for the ex-TOWIE lady, not everyone was quite so positive about her wavy mane.

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Lucy Mecklenburgh has kept quiet amid the ruckus


Comments included: ‘I prefer straight hair on you,’ ‘You look like someone off real housewives of new jersey,’ and: ‘Not a good look maybe wear it over to the side 🙂 xx.’

Um. We’re pretty sure Lucy can wear her hair however she likes, guys. And there’s no need for mean comments.

But her locks weren’t the only thing that Instagrammers had taken issue with. Once again, Lucy was targeted over her size.

Lucy Mecklenburgh has also been target over her body


One opinionated follower said: ‘How thin is your neck though,’ while another chipped in: ‘You look super duper skinny.’

However, plenty of others stuck up for her, with one ranting: ‘Such rude comments here. Lucy is a real person, take a step back and think to yourself…would you say these nasty comments in real life to someone?’

Lucy hasn’t made any statement herself, but that’s probably because it was only recently that she spoke out about body shaming.

Lucy Mecklenburgh is known for being a fitness queen


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Last month, she wrote on the site: ‘I have had a lot of comments recently that have been quite cruel about me & my body including – “Your body is like a 12 year old boy.” Firstly this is body shaming & I’m sick of it!’

Lucy went on to explain that she does nothing but promote an active healthy lifestyle, noting that she eats clean ‘80% of the time’ but still enjoys ‘naughty’ foods in moderation. She also wrote that she does an average of four hours of HIIT training and Pilates a day.