Lucy Mecklenburgh Hits Back After Jibes About Her Body

Lucy Mecklenburgh is one of our go-to celebrities for #fitspiration. Yet the former TOWIE star has recently found herself the subject of cruel comments about her body. 

Over the weekend, the 24-year-old went on a furious tirade over criticism that she has ‘no curves’ and ‘no shape’, taking to Instagram to have her say.

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‘I have had a lot of comments recently that have been quite cruel about me & my body including – “Your body is like a 12 year old boy”‘, she began. ‘Firstly this is body shaming & I’m sick of it!’

Lucy continued: ‘These comments are extremely hurtful & I couldn’t care less about people commenting on my bust size… [But] unfortunately for most of us we can’t be a size 8 & exercise regularly & keep a size D perky bust! Hello exercise bye bye boobies’. 



Lucy went on to explain that she does nothing but promote an active healthy lifestyle, noting that she eats clean ‘80% of the time’ but still enjoys ‘naughty’ foods in moderation. She also writes that she does an average of four hours of HIIT training and Pilates a day.  

And, quite rightly, she’s not going to apologise for how her body’s changed over the years.

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‘I used to be a curvy size 10 with a 32D bust I was living on pasta, pastries, sugary drinks, three sugars in my tea, skipping breakfast, Mc Donald’s once-twice a week’, she wrote. ‘I did ZERO exercise. 
I had no energy, bad skin, covered in cellulite & felt yuk! 

‘I needed to change & I chose my health’, she added.



Bravo to this fit lad  for standing up for herself. But we can’t help but feel sad that she had to explain herself in the first place – whether she slogs it out in the gym, eats Ben & Jerry’s twice a week or does both at the same time, whose business is it really?!