Lucy Meck Reveals What She *Really* Eats

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As part of our #LoveYourBody week, we’ve been chatting to Ellesse poster girl Lucy Mecklenburgh about everything from body confidence to getting fit, and now, she’s giving us the lowdown on her diet. From the best foods to eat before and after you hit the gym to giving yourself a break when you fancy a treat, she’s got the whole balance thing down to a T. No wonder she totally sums up what it means to #LoveYourBody. Thanks for the tips Luce…

What do you eat before and after a workout?

Protein, protein, protein! I have things like green tea, eggs & green juice (75% veg) before a workout and after I like to have chicken, lots of green veg and sweet potato or rice. Water & lemon is also a must.

We know you’re super into healthy eating and exercise. What is the best fitness tip you’ve ever been given?

If a food has to tell you it’s healthy on the packet it almost definitely isn’t! An apple doesn’t have ‘healthy option low calorie’ on it does it!?


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And your top health tip?

Stay away from processed foods and low fat products as they are usually full of sugar! Reduce your intake of sugar, refined carbs and eat more protein and greens. 

As for fitness and exercise, be organized. Book in your training sessions in your diary each week/month and most importantly make it FUN! Train with friends or family of you can. Enjoy exercise don’t make it a chore.

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When you’re out and about during the day or a on a work trip away, how do you go about eating healthily?

Prep!! If I can make my meals the night before that’s great. Otherwise I’ll do a bit of research on my way for local places to pick up a healthy lunch. I get up early enough to make a healthy high protein breakfast. An omelette & green juice is great. If you start the day right it’s more likely to continue that way. Having a good breakfast will stop that mid morning sugar craving too.

What’s your ultimate treat/indulgence?

Carrot cake or spaghetti bolognese with loads of cheese.

Do you have cheat days?

Yes! But I call them cheat treats rather than a whole cheat day. I usually have 3 cheat meals a weeks and 3 cheat snacks, rather than a cheat day of binging.