Lucy Meck Just Took Down Her Instagram Body Shamers

There’s no denying that Lucy Mecklenburgh has a killer body. And she works hard for it, too. 

The former reality TV star is the proud owner of her very own healthy lifestyle business, Results With Lucy, and is constantly taking to Instagram to offer healthy eating tips, fitness inspiration and workout results, promoting #StrongNotSkinny. 

>Instagram: @LucyMeck1

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So you can see why we were a little baffled to hear that the star receives hateful and negative jibes about her body. 


The 24-year-old clearly decided that she wanted to make a stand against body shamers once and for all, by releasing an unretouched image from her naked photoshoot with Fabulous Magazine. 



Accompanying the shot, Lucy said: “I’m sick of people saying that the photos I post have loads of editing & photoshopping .. This is a photo I took from the photographers screen on the day of the shoot & the one that went in @fabmagpics not the exact image but u get the idea!

“I don’t believe in making an image super airbrushed & unrealistic. I’m proud of the body I have worked hard for!

“That is all.” 

Lucy is the latest in a string of celebrities who have taken the decision to release unretouched imagery to hit back at nasty comments. Khloe Kardashian noteably emphasised how real her Complex Magazine cover shoot was, with many commenters taking the stance that the unedited shot was actually better. 


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The reaction to Lucy’s post had a similar reaction, with one user saying ‘look better in the unedited one!’ and another cheering ‘barely any difference @lucymeck1 you look great!’. 

There were still a few that claimed ‘This is still airbrushed’ – heavy sigh – but you can’t win them all over, eh Lucy? 


We believe it’s about time that body shaming, in ALL its shapes and forms, was put to a stop. 

And we think Lucy looks fabulous, both before AND after. 

By Laura Jane Turner