Lucy’s ‘Do It Anywhere’ Summer Workout

If there’s anything that motivates us to drag our butt off the sofa and into the gym, it’s  Lucy Mecklenburgh in a bikini. She launched her online personal training programme Results With Lucy almost three years ago, and it’s now got a whopping 250,000 subscribers. Not bad for a former reality TV star eh? Just in time for summer, she’s added a Beach Body programme. Along with two workout plans – covering all ability levels – there’s nutritional advice and recipes, motivational videos and reminders, plus an eating out guide to help you make healthier choices on holiday. Oh, and there’s no gym needed. In fact, you can do it in your hotel room. We caught up with the lady herself to get the lowdown (and a look at those uh-mazing abs IRL)


Yep, we definitely wouldn’t mind looking like Lucy in a bikini this summer.

What Is It?  

“It’s four HIIT workouts a week – between 45 and 55 minutes – a six day meal plan and an eating out guide. It’s hard when you’re sticking to a plan – you feel like you can’t go out and we don’t want that at all. There’s a holiday workout guide – if you wanna go on holiday and chill, that’s absolutely fine – but if you don’t, and want to keep it up, we’ve got 10 minute mini workouts you can do in your hotel room. We’ve got little motivational videos, we’ve got fitness tests, we’ve got, what else am I missing? That’s quite a lot!”

Can Anyone Do It?

“There’s beginner to intermediate and intermediate to advanced workouts, so if you haven’t done a lot of exercise before, you’d be fine. I like variety, so every session is different and incorporates things like pilates, yoga, kick training, cardio.The intensity grows as you go on. We’re not expecting you to do 1000 burpees in week one – that’d be hell!”

Get Beach Body Confident

“Give yourself enough time. Take it day-by-day, change things slowly. I always like to have a short and long term goal. If you’ve only got time for say, two workouts and breakfast prep on week one, then that’s fine. It’s about mindset. Focus on your good parts, don’t always focus on the negative – us women do it all the time. Don’t think ‘I hate my arms’, think ‘oh my god, I love my boobs, I love my bum’ and show them off.”


Nail Lucy’s 3 killer moves and you can work out anywher – no gym needed!

How Lucy Does It…

I workout for between 3 and 5 hours a week, depending on my schedule. Jessica Alba because is my fitness inspo – I love that she’s all about getting your nutrition from natural sources, she’s always glowing and she’s got quite an athletic body. I think I look to her cause she hasn’t got massive boobs, and I don’t have massive boobs so I think that it’s realistic for me.”

“I always have a high protein breakfastlike eggs because it stops that mid-morning sugar craving.For dinner I love my turkey and chickpea thai curry recipe. I’m all about eating real food – lots of protein, lots of water, no processed food and reduce the sugar. If you’re getting in a bikini soon reduce the sugar! But it’s about balance – I love red wine, and my weakness is Italian food, it’s the pasta.”

“My favourite exercises? If there is such a thing, I’d say skipping, for a quick cardio hit that’s short but really effective.  Plyometrics – basically anything moving like jumping squats and lunges and burpees – they’re really transformative, but not that nice! And abs – planking, sit-ups – I spend the last 7 minutes on abs, I always end on that.”

The Results With Lucy Beach Body programme is available now. Each plan is £39.99 and will be available on