5 Low-Calorie Cocktails That Taste Amazing

Summer is here – apparently – and when the sun does shine, all we want to do is sit outside with a refreshing alcoholic beverage. But, with a shedload of summer weddings, races, garden parties and BBQ’s – not to mention the overwhelming urge to be in a beer garden everyday – things can get a little, well, boozy.

But before you think about going teetotal, we’ve rounded up some amazing low-calorie cocktail options that will make you feel rather saintly as you sip them in the sun. Cheers!

First, it’s time to step away from the Blue WKD – we’ve found the ultimate summer refresher. Enter Twisted Halo, the new alcopop on the block that’s actually good for you. Well, as ‘good’ as booze can be. Made with just three ingredients – sparkling coconut water, ginger and vodka – there’s only 90 calories in a bottle. In that case, we’ll have two…

Then, there’s four amazing drinks developed by D1 Vodka, a new premium vodka, and a top barman from London’s luxe Rivington Grill in Shoreditch. These ‘clean-living’ cocktails are packed with some of the trendiest superfood ingredients around, from Matcha green tea and seaweed to wheatgrass and aloe juice. Yep, healthy cocktails are a thing people.

As if the uber healthy cocktail ingredients weren’t enough to convert you from your usual tipple, the quirky names will for sure. We’re talking ‘Greener Colada’, ‘Popeye Punch’, ‘Mary’s Bloody Healthy Remedy’ and the ‘Hard Health Shot’.  “I wanted to create something that provided Londoners with a healthier way to enjoy cocktails this January; feeding its obsession around superfoods but retaining the sense of fun and relaxation of alcohol”, reveals Francesco Lombardi, bar manager of the Rivington Grill.

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So what’s so super about the ingredients of these low-calorie cocktails? Antioxidant rich superfood, Matcha green tea powder, is proven to help lower cholesterol, prevent ageing and provide a much-needed energy boost in the January gloom. Healthy staple spinach is rich in a multitude of vitamins, including niacin and zinc, vitamins A, C, E and K, calcium, iron and magnesium to name just a few, all of which help flush toxins out of the body. Aloe vera juice is becoming known as one of the most effective cleansing tonics around, packed full of amino acids and vitamins which help detoxify the body naturally with hydration. And, with Seaweed being named as one of the ‘superfoods to watch’ in 2016 thanks to its high protein and mineral content, Francesco has utilized its iodine and calcium-rich properties in a traditional Bloody Mary, alongside clam juice and a chia seed rim, for a powerful take on a traditional hangover cure.

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 “I’ve been inspired by the efforts by D1 Potato Vodka to create such a pure liquid. I wanted to take that uncompromising approach to create drinks that deliver better nutritional value and a cleaner taste. It also allows those not involved in Dry January to enjoy a tasty but guilt-free alcoholic drink and those who have fallen off the wagon to indulge without the remorse.”

If that sounds as good to you as it does to us, check out these healthy cocktail recipes that you can recreate them at home…

Best Low-Calorie Cocktail For: Boosting Your Metabolism

If You like Greener Colada


35ml fresh pineapple juice
50ml coconut milk drink
1/2 teaspoon Matcha green tea powder 30ml fresh banana puree
10ml agave syrup
50 ml D1 Vodka


Place all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker; shake hard and pour into a hurricane style glass over ice cubes. Garnish with orange peel and dust with Matcha green tea powder.

Best Low-Calorie Cocktail For: Your Immune System

That’ll Pack a Popeye Punch


3 thin slices freshly grated ginger 1 strawberry
6-8 blueberries
10 fresh spinach leaves

30ml aloe vera juice 20ml agave syrup 50ml D1 Vodka


Muddle the ginger and the fruit into a
highball glass with the spinach and about half glass of crushed ice. With a spoon mix all the ingredients and then gently add the aloe, honey syrup and the vodka. Mix once more gently. Fill the rest of the glass with crushed ice, garnish with fresh spinach leaves and blueberries on
a stick.

Best Low-Calorie Cocktail For: A Protein and Fibre Fix

Mary’s Bloody Healthy Remedy


125 ml tomato or Clamato juice 3-5 drops tobasco
10ml Worcester sauce
50ml D1 Vodka

Salt and pepper to taste
1/2 teaspoon dried seaweed to garnish Lemon peel to garnish
1 teaspoon chia seeds to garnish


Place all the ingredients into a mixing glass and mix for about 30 seconds. Pour over a short glass with a couple of ice cubes, and garnish with some fresh seaweed, lemon peel and a chia seed rim.

Best Low-Calorie Cocktail For: A Nutrient-Packed Hit

Hard Health Shot


1/4 teaspoon wheatgrass powder 15ml fresh grapefruit or orange juice Agave syrup to taste
25ml D1 Vodka
1 teaspoon chia seeds to garnish

Place all the ingredients into a shaker, shake hard and serve straight up in a small glass, with a chia seed rim.