Love The Love Island Body Glitter? Here’s How To Look Extra

Glitz and glam that’s 100 percent

Now we’re not sure about you guys, but for us, the dazzling body glitter sported on the bods of the Love Island contestants was enough to make us want to roll around in glitter and sashay into work as if we’re off to party in Ibiza. Amirite?

It's selfie central at the glitter party! Open up our app to see loooads more glitzy pics! 💎✨ #LoveIsland

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Luckily there are plenty of festivals coming up where you can emulate the look perfectly, i.e, wearing enough glitz so that you turn heads, but not enough to succumb to any unfunny disco ball jokes. (we’re looking at you dad).

The Love Island lot were actually decorated by Instagram superstars The Gyspy Shrine who have heaps of YouTube tutorials on their Channel which you can marvel at. Just be sure to stock up with these shimmering goods first…

Go for a mix of shapes and colours

Sure, glitter is super sparkly but to hold the gaze of others a little longer, opt for a mix of shapes. Dust and Dance have pots of stars, flowers, hearts, triangles and squares!

Don’t for the jewels

When it comes to your face, you need a centre piece. Enter jewels, or Gypsy Shrine face jewels to be precise. Opt for a few serious sparklers and place decoratively across the forehead or around the eyes. Just not both. We said be extra, not look like unicorn. You’ll thank us we promise.

A glitter glue is essential

There is zero point dousing yourself in sparkly stuff if you’re not going to invest in a good glue. And no, sweat does not count. Try NYX Glitter primer, it ensure your glitter stays in place no matter how hard you party.

Get a set if you’re not sure

For those who are dabbling in the world of glitter for the first time, stick to set. They take all the hard work out of putting together colour combinations yet look pretty and mesmorising. We love the mermaid, disco angel and cosmic collections from Wish Upon a Sparkle.

By Perdita Nouril