Love Island Stars: The Throwbacks They Wish We’d Forget

We’re all pretty familiar with what the Love Island contestants look like – after all, we’ve been gawping at them every single night (bar a few Saturdays) for the past few weeks.

It’s kind of a given that if you’re on the show, you’re going to be toned, tanned and drop dead gorgeous. But we’ve all got photos lurking on our Instagram accounts that we might want people to forget about. Which is why we’ve trawled our Love Island hotties’ accounts to find those throwbacks worth remembering…

From their first ever Instagram snaps to seriously dodgy retro hairstyles, we’ve rounded up the best Instagram gems we’ve found of the beautiful Islanders.


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Olivia Buckland

When we stumbled across the throwback snap of Liv, we had to do a double take! We love Olivia as a blonde, but how beautiful does she look as a brunette as well? We’re loving that natural make-up and that big smile, too. Gorgeous.



Alex Bowen

That’s right, years before this hunky scaffolder from Birmingham got into those shaven sides and high-top quiff, Alex was working one seriously sexy head of curls. And before the nose ring, it was all about matching earrings… Still, at least those muscles look familiar. Aw. Doesn’t he look pretty?!  


Cara De La Hoyde

25-year-old circus performer Cara hasn’t always boasted long, raven locks – once upon a time, she was a blondie! We’re loving this pretty throwback of Cara working highlighted locks – this beauty really can pull of any hair colour, can’t she?


Scott Thomas

Club promoter Scott is definitely proud of his appearance, but back in his teenage years, this Mancunian club promoter was working much more of a tough guy image… Just LOOK at that scowl! (Kady would still eat you alive. LOLs). 


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Zara Holland

Former Miss GB Zara might be your classic blonde bombshell now, but she’s also dabbled with being a brunette… And how gorgeous does she look working a slightly darker hue?! Sophisticated laydeeee.


Terry Walsh

Before he got his body inked from head-to-toe, Terry looked like this. Still a total beefcake, granted, but that swept down fringe does make him look a little more boyish, doesn’t it? Aw.



Rykard Jenkins

OH RYKARD. When we stumbled across this Instagram snap of everyone’s favourite cheeky chappie working this beautiful afro, we had to question why he EVER got rid of it. What we’d do to run our hands through those curls…


Sophie Graddon

You know what’s hilarious? We couldn’t find ONE dodgy picture of Soph, because let’s face it, she’s always been a total stunner. She’s often seen on Insta working zero make-up, and we have to say, we kind of love her au naturel. Major Michelle Keegan vibes, no?


Nathan Massey

The Island’s naughtiest Essex boy was always going to be a troublemaker at school, wasn’t he? And this innocent grin from Nathan’s retro Year 7 school photo is doing nothing to convince us otherwise… Naww.


Liana Isadora Van Riel

20-year-old exotic dancer Liana might be boasting a Kylie Jenner-worthy pout and an ombre-to-die-for these days, but a few years back, a younger Liana was peroxide blonde and all about the side-sweep. Pretty lady!