Love Island’s Olivia’s New Hair Gets An Amazing Response On Instagram

Curly hair, don't cur!

Is it just us, or is Love Island‘s Olivia Buckland getting hotter by the day?

In the villa, the 22-year-old was known for being a total chameleon, thanks to her epic make-up skills and ability to pull off pretty much every single hairstyle under the sun.

And last night, Liv tried out a new hair look that had us totally swooning.

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Terrible twosome ??❤️ @ab_bowen

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Stepping out for a night out with boyfriend Alex Bowen, Olivia posed for an outfit shot before hitting Watford club Oceana. And we’re obsessed with those curls.

Swapping her usual shaggy straight locks for a head of hot ’80s curls, Olivia looked ah-mazing with her new ‘do. And her fans couldn’t have agreed more.

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Olivia’s new curly ‘do got an excellent reception from her fans

‘God she’s amazing’, gushed one.

‘How did you get amazing curls like that in your hair?!’ asked another.

Whilst a third added: ‘How amazing does her hair look’.

Just yesterday, the blonde beauty was forced to defend her Instagram pictures after she was accused of Photoshopping her waist.

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Olivia was forced to defend herself after being accused of Photoshopping her waist

Hitting Snapchat to show that her seriously hot curves are all her own, Liv proved that nope, she’s just worked hard for that teeny tiny waist.

She then retweeted a comment that read: ‘If people actually watched they would 100% know that doesn’t photoshop her body. it’s all real, kinda jealous tho.’

Yep, us too. Go, lady.