Why Can’t People Accept Love Island’s Olivia’s Bikini Body?

The Love Island star's trip to Marbella has caused a stir... And Olivia's lashed out on Twitter

Love Island’s Olivia Buckland just can’t catch a break.

The gorgeous blonde bombshell is curently living it up in Marbella on a girls’ holiday – and of course, she’s been sharing her smokin’ hot bikini pictures online with her fans.

But one snap of Liv wearing a peach-coloured two-piece, which she posted to Instagram earlier today, has left the former Islander feeling furious, as she’s had to address whether or not she Photoshops her body… again.


The photo in question shows Liv rocking a halterneck bikini and wedge-heeled sandals as she does her fiercest strut on holiday, and as always, her bod looks ah-MAZING.

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But it seems that some followers still simply can’t get over Buckland’s fierce curves, because yet again, she was hit with comments such as ‘clearly Photoshopped lol’, and ‘look how photoshopped this is’.

However, because this isn’t the first time the star’s been accused of altering her images, Olivia showed just how fed up she was with the constant speculation over her photos by sending out a message of her own.

Sending out a tweet titled ‘LAST time I’m saying anything on the matter. #girlpower’, Alex Bowen’s hot lady wrote: ‘I’m not posting this to try and justify anything, however I feel strongly about being honest and truthful with my fans and followers and hate to think you think I’m lying to you.’

‘I will take it as a compliment that people think I photoshop my waist.’

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Catching some rays earlier. ? #OlivesOutfits penggggg swimsuit from @unique_avenue ??

A photo posted by ?: OliviaDBuck SC: OliviaBuckl (@oliviadbuck) on

She continued: ‘Let’s remember TV adds a few pounds and appreciate I have lost weight since being out the villa.

‘I also know how to take a god damn good photo and work my angles. Maybe I’ll do a tutorial on that next so you can all be accused of using photoshop too [crying emoji face],” she wrote.

And tonnes of her fans have since rushed to support her, with one tweeting: ‘I think people getting so confused with waist tattoo people assuming she’s been photoshopped when it’s actually her tattoo.’

Whilst another summed up our thoughts exactly by writing: ‘When your figure is so peng that people can’t accept its real ‘.

Yep, pretty much. Keep on slaying, lady.