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Love Island’s Kady McDermott’s Seriously Good Eyebrow Hack

The Love Island star has offered up her best eyebrow tips in a new make-up tutorial on her and boyfriend Scott Thomas's YouTube channel...

Every girl in the world wants good brows. FACT. And Love Island‘s Kady McDermott is on hand to show you how…

The 20-year-old has dished out her top brow tips as part of the launch of her and boyfriend Scott Thomas’s new YouTube channel. And ladies? Turns out, it’s super easy to get brows like KMD’s.

After admitting she’d ‘just got her brows tinted’, Kady kicked off with her brow-related hero buy – M.A.C’s Fluidline Brow Gelcreme in Deep Dark Brunette, £16.

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love island kady

Love Island’s Kady started by filling in her brows in gentle strokes…

Using her favourite brush – the Spectrum brush in A17 – Kady then begins to lightly fill in her brows.

‘It’s my favourite one to do eyebrows [with] because it’s angled and you get a better line’, she says.

‘You only need to use the tiniest bit,’ the brunette beauty says as she dips her brush into the gel. ‘I start off in the middle, doing little brush strokes. Don’t start off at the front.’


Offering up her top tip on how to get the perfect brow arch, Kady recommends: ‘I have to over-enhance my arch a little bit but just do little strokes in the same direction your hair grows and keep lifting the brush off.’

Next up, Kady picks out her favourite concealer – NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, £22 – to make her brows really pop.

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love island kady

Kady adds concealer under her arches to make her brows pop

‘Pat a tiny bit on the brow bone to neaten it up’, she explains. ‘Use the A16 brush by Spectrum for this. You only need the tiniest bit.’

For the final stage, it’s all about Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl, £24.50, for the browbones.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 14.07.54 copy

‘Dab a tiny bit on the browbone – I don’t like that tippex white look – this is pearly pink and it’s great for every day’, she says.

Et voila! Fierce, HD-ready brows are yours!