Has Love Island’s Kady Been Faking Her Make-Up Snaps?

If you’ve taken a scroll through Kady McDermott’s Instagram account before, you’ll know that she’s one seriously amazing make-up artist (when she’s not frolicking about with Scott on Love Island, that is).

Kady’s a big fan of a flawless highlight, an inky cat-flick, and most importantly, a statement brow. In fact, she runs her own HD brows business.

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>instagram" class="imagecache-scaled_620px_wide" src="http://keyassets-p2.timeincuk.net/wp/prod/wp-content/uploads/sites/48/2016/07/kady-love-island-makeup-1.jpg" title="Kady often shares close-ups of her make-up and clients she's worked on..."> Kady often shares close-ups of her make-up and clients she’s worked on…


But there’s a problem. Because a fellow MUA – Bobbi Johnson – is now claiming that Kady’s been stealing her make-up shots and posting them on Instagram as her own. Eep!

Bobbi supplied The Sun with an image of her own HD brow work, along with Kady’s ‘copy’, that Bobbi claims she had cropped to try and disguise it as her own work.

> Kady has been accused of stealing another MUA’s client photos…


‘It’s embarrassing that she has to use other people’s photos to get make-up clients’, Bobbi told the publication. ‘I’m furious that she’s getting more clients because of my hard work.’

‘I’m really angry because it’s blatantly my picture’, she added.

Johnson has since contacted Kady’s make-up page to ask for the photos to be removed, and says that Kady’s friend has apologised.

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> Make-up artist Bobbi Johnson is claiming this photo is her own…


‘I don’t know what’s gone on and as a beautician and hairdresser myself I understand why you could be upset that another stylist has taken credit for your work’, she reportedly said. 

‘I promise that the  second Kady returns from the villa she will delete all posts of your work, if there are more than one.’

> Has Kady been pinching HD brows snaps?